Expectations and Operating Procedures


Rules and Expectations

We expect a high level of commitment from both our athletes and their families.


Playing Time:


Playing time for athletes is determined by attendance, attitude, effort, and performance. Playing time is left solely to the discretion of the coach.  Playing time will be equal during practices. Each athlete’s playing time for tournament games will be earned.

Player Expectations:

  1. Be honest with your coaches and your teammates.
  2. Arrive to practice 15 minutes prior to start time. Scheduled practice time is START time and not arrival time. You are to be dressed and on the court by the start of practice.       (NO JEWLERY) If for any reason you are late, you must stretch, warm up and join in. Then, speak to your coach at the end of practice.
  3. Make the team one of your top priorities. Plan to attend all practices, team meetings and games unless there is an emergency.  Please have a ride to and from practice.
  4. If you should have to miss a practice/game/meeting, notify the coach in advance. Athletes missing practice are missing valuable information and training, which may affect their playing time.  It is the responsibility of the player to contact the coach.  This provides an opportunity for them to take responsibility.  We do not want parents to call on behalf of their child.
  5. Be a team ambassador. Do not “bad mouth” a teammate, the coach or the club.
  6. Do not finger point or assign blame …..we win, we lose, and we work as a team.
  7. NO CURSING… period. Always show good sportsmanship.
  8. Be a student of the game…you can never know too much.
  9. If an athlete damages equipment owned by Club Steel Volleyball, or any facility used by the club during practices, tournaments or other functions, the athlete will be required to reimburse Club Steel Volleyball and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the club season. In some cases, the athlete may be dismissed from the team.
  10. No cell phones during practice.
  11. No gum during practices, games or officiating. This is a possible choking hazard.
  12. To promote team unity, all athletes are required to wear matching club steel gear. The athletes are to coordinate for the practices with each other. This is not the responsibility of the coach.


Travel Policy

Travel will be a standard aspect of our competitive season and Club Steel Volleyball has established policies to guide our travel, minimize one-on-one interactions and reduce the risk of misconduct. Adherence to these travel guidelines will increase athlete safety and improve the competitive experience while keeping travel a fun and enjoyable experience.


  • Local travel occurs when Club Steel Volleyball does not sponsor, coordinate, or arrange for travel. For local travel, athletes or their parents/guardians (for minor athletes) are responsible for making all travel arrangements. In these instances it is the responsibility of the athlete or their parents/guardians (for minor athletes) to ensure the person transporting the athlete maintains all safety and legal requirements, including, but not limited to, a valid driver’s license, proper insurance, well maintained vehicle, and compliance with all state laws.


  • In an effort to minimize one-on-one interactions, Club Steel Volleyball staff members, coaches and/or volunteers, who are not also acting as a parent, should not drive alone with an unrelated athlete and should only drive with at least two other athletes or another adult at all times, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the athlete’s parent or guardian in advance of travel. In any case where a staff member and/or volunteer is involved in the athlete’s local travel, a parental release is required in advance. Efforts must be made to ensure that staff and/or volunteers are not alone with an athlete or participant, by, e.g., picking the athletes up in groups.


  • Coaches, staff members and volunteers who are also an athlete’s guardian may provide shared transportation for any athlete(s). We encourage guardians to pick up their athlete first and drop off their athlete last in any shared or carpool travel arrangement. We also recommend completing a shared travel declaration form signed by the parents/guardians of any minor athlete who is being transported as part of such a carpool arrangement.